Clay bar treatment

We can remove imperfections from the paintwork of your vehicle with our clay bar paintwork contaminant removal system. Road tars and other airborne contaminants can cling to your cars bodywork, eventually eating into and damaging the paintwork. Most other car cleaning methods cannot remove the tough particles without scratching the surface, this is where the clay bar is essential. It works by picking up the bonded contaminants, pulling them away from the bodywork and imbedding them into the clay itself, eliminating the possibility of scratching the surface. It’s essential to have your car clay barred prior to waxing and polishing, as this will make certain there are no micro particles being moved around, thus scratching your car during the polishing process. Once we have restored your paintwork back to a smooth surface, we then polish your car using Auto MUGUIRE Radiant wax polish and then followed by using Auto MUGUIRE High Definition Wax to seal and protect the finial paint finish.